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What to Know Before Going on an Orlando Airboat Tour

Both Florida natives and visitors know that airboat tours are one of the greatest adventures to have in the state. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel down to the Everglades to get an exclusive airboat experience. Some of the most remarkable wildlife and unforgettable views can be found right here in Central Florida. To get the most out of the experience, here are the top four things you need to know before going on an Orlando airboat tour.

There Will Be Noise

Airboat engines are responsible for propelling these impressive watercrafts through rugged terrain and vast stretches of water, which is why they make a little more noise than average boats. You can expect to receive a pair of headphones or a microphone headset to reduce noise and to listen to your airboat guide.

It’s Always the Right Time to Ride

There’s sure to be something amazing to see when you’re out on the water. Don’t worry about missing anything – your captain will be there to point out the must-see spots and spread their knowledge on the local fish, birds, and other animals of the area. Whether want to you catch the early morning wildlife or wait to view the colorful Florida sunset, you’re guaranteed to get maximum enjoyment from your ride.

You Can Bring the Whole Family Along

An Orlando airboat tour is the perfect experience to have with the whole family. Bring your little ones for an open water adventure that they’ll remember forever. As a great way to get the family together for a unique experience, airboat tours are also affordable enough to let everyone in on the fun. And since no airboat ride is the same, you can keep bringing the family back for a new experience each time!

You’re Safe with Grape Hammock Orlando Airboat Tours

One of the most important things to know before going on an airboat tour is that you’re going to be just fine. Our USCG captains are not only area experts, they’re also experienced airboat safety specialists. Having delivered countless airboat tours, our captains ensure that you and your loved ones will be safely guided across Lake Kissimmee.

If an Orlando airboat tour sounds like something you would be interested in, contact our crew at Grape Hammock Fish Camp. We can break down everything that you should expect from your trip and answer any questions you may have about the tour.

Tips for Seeing Gators on Our Alligator Boat Tour

Safely spotting gators is what makes alligator boat tours a famous Florida attraction. These creatures may be cold blooded, but you don’t only have to wait for the temperature to drop to get a peek at a gator.

Here are some year-round tips for seeing gators on our airboat tour across Lake Kissimmee.

Know Where They Hide

Stagnant waters, wetlands, and the shores of swampy stretches are a gator’s go-to spots. Along the shore banks of Lake Kissimmee, gators will typically create muddy pools to help regulate their body temperature.And while on tour, your captain will periodically stop so that you can look for movement in still waters.

And while on tour, your captain will periodically stop so that you can look for movement in still waters.

Alligators are stealth experts that know how to stay hidden up until the moment they strike. During the search for potential prey, sawgrass marshlands are the secret spot for lurking gators.

Even when the sawgrass flattens, gators will still be able to use these areas as camouflage while they scan for other wildlife.

Know When They Hide

Alligators have to eat, but they also have to keep their body temperature under control during the colder months. Alligators are known to be more active in cooler temperatures.

If you’re taking an alligator boat tour during the winter or fall, you shouldn’t have to look hard to spot some sunbathing gators.

In order to warm up, these reptiles will gather on dry land to catch the incoming heat of the sun, which provides a great view for nearby boat tours.

Pick the Right Alligator Boat Tour Captain

Boating with the team at Grape Hammock Fish Camp gives you the best seat on Lake Kissimmee.

Our USCG captains can safely lead your tour to prime alligator territory. If you want to schedule an alligator boat tour, visit our website or call 863-692-1500.

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